At Recycling for Charity we understand that many organizations are able to function and help those in need because of the donations they receive, and recognize that we can contribute by means of donations. We are committed to helping preserve the environment, while giving back to the community by recycling old and broken electronic devices like cell phones and tablets. In return we want to take the phones that are donated to us and help those in need by turning your cell phone into a cash donation to the charity of your choice. This will also allow us to help keep electronic devices out of our landfills, environment and water, where it can take years to decompose, while contaminating the Earth in the process. We will insure that every device is properly handled and recycled responsibly following strict recycling guidelines. Recycling for Charity is excited to be able to help out many different charities and our environment through our program.


We all know that the children are our future. Let us help encourage and teach our children how to properly protect and preserve our environment through proper recycling of electronics to ensure a brighter tomorrow for many years to come. Recycling can be incoperated into lesson plans, and throughout the school. You can show the value of recycling by earning money for your school while reducing harmful e-waste. For every phone donated to us, we will pay a flat rate based on the model and condition of the phone. That money in return will be donated to the school on behalf of Recycling For Charity.

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