By helping us with our environmental advocacy, Recycling for Charity will in turn help you further your cause by converting your mobile donations in funds that you can use – whether for research or reach out. To further help you and ensure that your fundraising campaign will go smoothly, we have prepared resources such as posters, sample emails, and fundraising ideas that you can use to inform people, or even jump start your campaign.


Aside from helping the environment, you can use the funds for things such as:

As well as creating marketing opportunities by appearing in our blogs, a section on our Charity page, and other publications that may cover Recycling For Charity fundraising events.


Different ways you can raise funds and collect devices:

  1. Old devices that you might have can easily be packed and shipped for free to our office.
  2. By doing a door-to-door campaign
  3. By reaching out to your supporters, donors, and sponsors
  4. By creating a fundraising event – sell entrance tickets or device donations to get in
  5. By creating a mobile device collection drive.

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