Business and Organizations play a major role in the community, and tend to produce a large amount of electronic waste. By teaming up with "Recycling for Charity" you are not only helping to preserve the environment, you are also helping and supporting local charities of your choice.


You can contribute by recycling old and broken electronic devices like cell phones and tablets. In return we turn the phones you have donated into a cash donation to the charity of your choice. This will also allow us to help keep electronic devices out of our landfills, environment and water, where it can take years to decompose, while contaminating the Earth in the process. We will insure that every device is properly handled and recycled responsibly following strict recycling guidelines. Recycling for Charity is excited to be able to help out many different charities and our environment through our program.



Ways you can partner with us:

  1. Create an incentive program for your employees to recycle their old electronic devices
  2. Become a drop off location for recycled electronics
  3. Support a local school with their Recycle for Charity drive

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